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Waterzone was established in 2012 and our philosophy is to help you and your swimmers to discover the aquatic world around Limerick!

There is a swimmer in everyone. I hope that our swim program at Waterzone enables every kid to feel good about their ability.
We want to unlock their potenial. Swimming can be a great sport, hobby, relaxation, recreation, and dare i say it FUN. So let’s keep it that way.

Here at Waterzone we love for kids to get the best out of swimming, without the pressure of certificates, levels or assessment’s/tests.
Our lessons are complimentary to the current IWS Paws Primary school and Junior Aquatics Water Safety also known as JAWS.

Here at Waterzone we  teach all the four strokes, turns, and introduce lane swimming to young teens.
We aim to education children about the safety relating to pools, lakes and rivers and we work with Irish Water Safety and offer Irish Water Safety Junior Lifeguard Programme.

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At Waterzone we want to help you to discover the aquatic world around Limerick


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