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Waterzone was established in 2012. Set up in Bawnmore Sports Complex we offer swim lessons from the age of 5 upwards. We cater for the needs of each swimmer. Private lessons are also available. Swim classes vary in sizes, again designed around our swimmers needs.
We also work with older kids and teens who are beginning to learn to swim or wish to develop, and these programmes are tailored for their ability and age.
We offer adults the oppurtunity to refresh and develop their aquatic skills too. We don't leave anyone out!

Swimming can be a great sport, hobby, relaxation, recreation, and dare i say it FUN. So let’s keep it that way.

Our lessons are complimentary to the current IWS Paws Primary school and Junior Aquatics Water Safety also known as JAWS for secondary school.

To discuss your aquatic needs call us on 0876399393 or email us at info@waterzone.ie

Please email for any queries:

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